The Best EdTech Tools

Looking to help your students ACCESS, COLLABORATE, CREATE, DESIGN, SHARE, and REPRESENT their learning like never before? Here are the best edtech tools for educators, as endorsed by guests of the Teachers on Fire podcast.

8 Endorsements

  • FlipGrid (recommended by Adam Moler, Dan Ryder, Tonya Gilchrist, Jordan Potrzeba, Katelynn Giordano, Craig Kemp, Jeffrey Kubiak, Todd Schmidt)

2 Endorsements

  • Adobe Spark Video (recommended by Bryon Carpenter, AJ Bianco)
  • Breakout EDU (recommended by Adi Aharon, Adam Moler)
  • Canva (recommended by Brooke Moore, John Sowash)
  • FreshGrade (recommended by Simon Murti, Clayton Mollica)
  • Google Classroom (recommended by Adam Stefiuk, David McFarland)
  • Google Docs (recommended by Roy Smith, Sarah Johnson)
  • Google Slides (recommended by Lindsey Danhoff, Joy Kirr)
  • iMovie (recommended by Jane Silversides, Gallit Zvi)
  • Kahoot (recommended by Dan Jones, Jarrod Dumas)
  • Prodigy (recommended by Jade Ingels, Diana Williams)
  • Seesaw (recommended by Soney Day, Kristin Hundt)
  • Voxer (recommended by Jon Harper, Jeff Kubiak)

1 Endorsement


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