About the Podcast

c20c4ade-ba58-4269-8b6a-973c78d76604Welcome to the Teachers on Fire podcast – a place for 21st century educators to come to share, learn, and be inspired. I believe in the growth mindset, creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and strategic uses of education technology. My mission is to share news and views from educators who are crushing it in the classroom and making a difference for learners everywhere. Still early into this passion project, it’s been a pleasure to play a small role in professional learning and networking across North America and the world.

If you know an educator who is doing amazing things for learners, don’t hesitate to use the contact page to recommend them for an interview.

Thanks for listening! Your comments, engagement, and subscriptions are so encouraging.


Tim Cavey (@MrCavey)

You’ll find the Teachers on Fire podcast on these platforms:

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