Ideas in Education

18-06-16 For ToF - PASSION is all about being ON FIRE in front of your class.18-06-04 For ToF - incorporate your personal passions into your work18-04-02 For ToF - Create opportunities for learning for adults then young people18-04-03 For Tof - Leaders with Inquiry Mindsets18-04-30 For ToF - quality learning for every learner more personalized responsive system18-05-01 For ToF - Inquiry stance not solution stance18-05-08 For ToF - Learning and helping others learn18-05-09 For ToF - Possibility and Hope18-05-10 - For ToF - Constant Curiosity and Persistent Inquiry18-04-13 For ToF - Be Transparent

18-04-08 For ToF - About what students will learn