About Tim Cavey and Teachers on Fire

Meet Tim Cavey, the Host of the Teachers on Fire Podcast

Welcome! My name is Tim Cavey. I’m an 8th grade educator and middle school vice-principal in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2019, I completed a Master’s of Educational Leadership degree through Vancouver Island University, and the 2020-2021 school year was my 20th in education.

My MEdL program re-invigorated my passion for education. My favorite education topics include the 5Cs, design thinking, growth mindset, inquiry, PBL, visible learning, and strategic uses of technology in education. My Master’s thesis focused on the tremendous power of asynchronous professional development media, inspired in part by this podcast.

My Mission (The HOW)

On the Teachers on Fire podcast, I profile agents of growth and transformation in K-12 education. I chat with inspiring educators to bring you their highs and lows, passions and goals, and the voices and influences that are shaping their thinking and inspiring their practice. In the fall of 2020, I began streaming these conversations on the Teachers on Fire YouTube channel as well.

I launched the podcast in March of 2018 without knowing much about the technical side of this passion project. Growth has been slow but steady, and the reach of the show continues to build month after month. As I continue to learn, improve, and connect with other educators, it’s been a pleasure to play a small part in professional learning across North America and the world.

My Vision (The WHY)

We live in an age of phenomenal opportunities for content creation. We can all write, record audio, or produce video content and share it with the world using nothing more than our smartphones.

As lifelong learners, we are never more engaged and thoughtful than when we are creating. As educators, I believe we should be leading the charge on content creation by modeling a lifestyle of Create> Consume. The Teachers on Fire podcast is one expression of that intention.

My vision was and continues to be the contribution of important conversations that spark thinking and ignite innovative practices by educators around the globe. Not a week goes by that I’m not reminded of the positive impact that the show is making on listeners and viewers around the globe.

What Inspired Teachers on Fire?

Although many educators, authors, entrepreneurs,  and podcasters collectively inspired me to start this project, one content creator deserves special mention. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire produces an awesome podcast that ran daily for many years. Although he’s slowed his publishing pace today, I still listen faithfully. Thanks to his guests, ideas, and constant encouragement, I found the faith in myself to believe I could contribute something of value to today’s education conversation.

For a long time, John’s entrepreneurship podcast followed a fairly scripted interview format that I found enjoyable and interesting. I liked the predictability of the outline and looked forward to seeing how each new guest would answer the questions that I knew were coming. After searching for a similar show in the education space, I started to wonder and dream about producing an education version of Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Couldn’t I have thought of a more original name for my show? Honestly, I tried to find one. I brainstormed countless names for days and weeks, but every idea either didn’t sit right or it was already taken. After noticing that @TeachersOnFire was available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Anchor, iTunes, Medium, and other platforms, I was sold.

I later discovered that Dave Burgess used the phrase Teachers on Fire in his revolutionary book on teaching, Teach Like a Pirate. This was another happy coincidence and simply another confirmation that I was on a good track.

Guest Recommendations

I have long ago given up on trying to keep up with guest recommendations and requests, so in a spirit of under-promising and over-delivering I have removed the contact page from the site. If you would like to connect with me, please comment on any of the blog posts here or look for @TeachersOnFire on any social media platform. I regret that I cannot accept guest requests at this time.

Thanks for Listening

If you appreciate the content I share on the show, consider leaving a virtual tip that costs you nothing: your comments, engagement, feedback, likes, ratings, and subscriptions on any platform help to amplify my message — and they encourage me immensely.

Grateful to have you in my PLN,

Tim Cavey

8 thoughts on “About Tim Cavey and Teachers on Fire

  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for adding me on LinkedIn. Good to see a fellow Vancouver-based educator doing innovative things online.

    I’ve listened to a few episodes of entrepreneurs on fire and liked the format, so am excited to listen to a few eps of your spinoff on an upcoming roadtrip. Do you have one episode you’d recommend for someone who has never listened before to get them hooked?



    1. Awesome! Glad to make your acquaintance, Chris.

      I’ve definitely learned something from every one of my guests, but you could start at ep. 85 with Andrew Milne, a Brit who now teaches in the Chicago area. He’s dynamic and fun to listen to: https://teachersonfire.net/2019/06/02/episode-85-andrew-milne/

      Thanks again for your inquiry! I really appreciate the academic work you’ve done in the educational podcasting space, including these two affirming quotes:

      “Pedagogically, conversation between panels of multiple presenters engaged in institutionalised conversation has the potential to engage listeners in higher order thinking skills like analysis and synthesis …”

      “The language use in ‘Chat Show’ podcasts works to bridge the gap between the learning environment and the workplace, bringing the granular (Barthes, 1977) and authentic voices of experienced practitioners into the e-learning space to enliven and authenticate (Madsen and Potts, 2010) the learning experience.”

      Hope to hear from you again!



  2. Hello,

    I am eager to discuss being a guest on your fabulous education podcast. My book, Creativity is Everything, Rethinking Technology, Schools and Humanity became an international bestseller upon release back in January and I am doing a virtual book tour of sorts, aiming to help educators bring greater creativity to their classrooms.

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Sean Thompson


    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for reaching out! I’ll add you to my prospects list. Let’s keep in touch.

      Take care,


  3. Hi Tim,
    Just wanted to say that I love your podcast and really resonate with what you stand for.

    I’m an Alberta-trained teacher currently working at an international school in Colombia, South America, and working hard to push the boundaries of traditional education here. I love implementing cross-curricular learning adventures in my classroom and elements of gamification. I started an educational coaching company 12+ years ago and we recently evolved to include, not only one-on-one coaching, but also virtual learning adventure programs that cover basic curriculum through immersive storytelling elements.

    We launched our virtual classes this summer and we’ve had such a good response that it makes me really excited for the future of education. Check it out here: https://www.momentumforlife.ca/

    Would love to connect and hear your thoughts, man!

    Bradford Stretton


    1. Hi Bradford,

      Thanks for reaching out and for the kind words. Unfortunately I am swamped with inquiries and cannot accept requests at this time. Please connect with me on Twitter though – I’d love to learn more about your teaching and learning!

      Take care,


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