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ADAM MILLER is a middle school physical education teacher in Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

In this conversation Adam tells a hilarious story of having to manage a swim class for a group of kindergarteners within 20 minutes of their first day of school. He shares about why he’s so passionate about physical education, the pleasure he finds in brewing good beers, and a personal habit that translates into personal success in every area of his life. You’ll also want to hear his recommendations for books to read, an awesome edtech tool that provides formative assessment in the gym, and more.

Follow Adam on Twitter @MillerAdamL and on Instagram @ALMiller50.

In this episode, Adam discusses …

  • 0:53 – his current teaching situation
  • 3:25 – an over-the-top teaching experience
  • 10:19 – why he’s passionate about physical education
  • 17:16 – another area of personal interest and learning
  • 21:27 – a personal habit that contributes to his success
  • 24:34 – an educator to follow on Twitter: Tim Stuart
  • 26:25 – an app he uses to provide formative assessment in PE classes: BaM Video Delay
  • 30:08 – a book recommendation: Legacy by James Kerr
  • 33:05 – a YouTube channel recommendation: Phys Ed Games
  • 34:39 – the best ways to follow him

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