Episode 27: Tonya Gilchrist

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27 - Tonya Gilchrist

Tonya Gilchrist is a literacy coach and language teacher at Tokyo International School in Tokyo, Japan. An experienced speaker and presenter, Tonya advocates for learner agency, the inquiry mindset, and joyful leaders.

Tonya knew she wanted to become a teacher since she was in third grade, but the daunting pressure and prescriptive directions to teach to standardized tests threatened to make her quit the profession altogether. It was after Googling “What else can I do with a teaching degree?” that she discovered the incredible opportunities in overseas education, and the rest is history. Today, you can hear the passion in Tonya’s voice as she talks about the influences of growth mindset, inquiry-based learning, translanguaging, and the importance of self-care. You’ll also want to hear Tonya’s recommendations for books to read, Twitter accounts to follow, and more.

Follow Tonya Gilchrist on Twitter @Mrs_Gilchrist, check out life at the Tokyo International School @TISLearns, and read Tonya’s latest thoughts on literacy and education at TonyaGilchrist.com.

TIMESTAMPS. In this episode, Tonya discusses …

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