Episode 11 – Terry Jones

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TERRY JONES is a vice principal at JL Crowe Secondary School in Trail, BC, Canada.

In this interview, Terry describes the incredible influence that positive and supportive leadership can make within the culture of a school. He talks about another one of his life passions, coaching hockey, and affirms the value of healthy relationships and community in every walk of life. Terry also gives us some great recommendations for accounts to follow on Twitter, books to read, tools to use, and more.

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In this episode, Terry discusses …

  • 0:53 – his current education context
  • 3:19 – a challenging experience early in his career
  • 6:39 – what ignites his passion for education today
  • 8:54 – another one of his greatest passions: coaching hockey
  • 13:16 – a personal habit that contributes to his success
  • 14:47 – Twitter accounts to follow: Jon Gordon, Eddie Woo, Pasi Sahlberg
  • 15:37 – an edtech tool recommendation: Google Forms
  • 16:26 – book recommendations: The Energy Bus and The Hard Hat (both by Jon Gordon), The Power of Moments (by Heath & Heath)
  • 18:08 – his YouTube channel recommendation: TED Talks
  • 18:52 – a TV series that he’s finding interesting: Genius Season 1 – Einstein

Song Track Credits

  • Intro: Relax (by Simon More)
  • Outtro: Starley – Call on Me Remix (by DJ Zhorik)

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