Episode 5: Sarah Robinson

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5 - Sarah Robinson2In our fifth episode of the Teachers on Fire podcast, we chat with Sarah Robinson, high school vice principal at Fort Nelson Secondary School in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

In this interview, Sarah talks about what really excites her in education today: shifts in the learning curriculum, new opportunities for authentic learning, and the latest research in the area of neuroscience. She also shares some personal habits that work and gives us great recommendations for books, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Follow Sarah on Twitter at @82SJR.

In this episode, Sarah discusses …

  • 1:06 – her current context
  • 2:33 – a challenge she encountered in the classroom
  • 4:15 – three things that get her excited about education
  • 5:29 – a Twitter recommendation: @MindShiftKQED
  • 6:18 – if she wasn’t a teacher …
  • 7:09 – three habits that contribute to her success
  • 8:06 – edtech tools that are working right now: Google Chrome extensions
  • 9:25 – a book recommendation: Grit, by Angela Duckworth
  • 11:32 – a podcast recommendation: The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
  • 13:18 – a YouTube channel recommendation: Expedition Overland
  • 14:31 – a Netflix recommendation: Alias Grace
  • 15:18 – how to follow her on Twitter or by email

Song Track Credits

  • Intro: Relax (by Simon More)
  • Outtro: Starley – Call on Me Remix (by DJ Zhorik)

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