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ROY SMITH is an English teacher and department chair at Round Rock High School in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

In this interview, Roy describes what it was like to fight thyroid cancer while remaining in education, and credits his students with supplying the energy needed to get through his most difficult days. He also tells us what currently ignites his passion for learning and shares a core personal habit that has stood the test of time. Roy is an avid reader and he gives us some great recommendations in books, educators to follow on Twitter, and more.

Follow Roy Smith on Twitter @english_roy and visit his blog at englishroy.com.

In this episode, Roy discusses …

  • 1:22 – his current education context
  • 2:33 – a challenging experience from a few years ago
  • 4:44 – what ignites his passion for education today
  • 7:20 – other areas of personal interest and learning
  • 8:45 – a personal habit that contributes to his success
  • 10:29 – Twitter accounts worth following: Susan Barber, Jori Krudler, Karla Hillard, Brian Sztabnick, Melissa Smith
  • 11:23 – his favorite edtech tools for the English classroom: Google Docs and Sheets, Twitter, Voxer, and Flipgrid
  • 13:16 – book recommendations: The Poet X (Elizabeth Avevedo), Beartown (Fredrick Backman), and Embarrassed (C.J. Person).
  • 15:30 – his top podcast recommendations: Brian Sztabnik’s Talks with Teachers
  • 16:18 – a YouTube channel recommendation: TED Talks
  • 17:00 – favourite shows when he’s looking to laugh and relax: Tudors, House of Cards, Schitts Creek, Big Bang Theory
  • 17:31 – the best ways to follow him online

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