Episode 17 – Caterina Rylance

17 - Caterina Rylance

CATERINA RYLANCE is a middle school languages teacher and ESL coordinator at St. Theresa Catholic Middle School in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada.

Still in her second year of teaching, Caterina talks about how her writing at survivingteaching.org became a healthy outlet for her to reflect on the mix of frustrations and victories that come with becoming an educator. A Ukrainian folk dancer on the side, Caterina shares about the joy she finds in learning new languages and bringing the rich diversity of other cultures into her classroom. She also describes a personal habit that contributes to her success and gives us some great recommendations for books to read, Twitter accounts to follow, an edtech tool to use in the classroom, and more.

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In this episode, Caterina discusses …

  • 1:06 – her current teaching situation
  • 3:00 – challenges she encountered in her first year of teaching, and how blogging formed part of a healthy reflective solution
  • 4:52 – her work with languages, cultures, and the pride she takes in helping to build the mosaic of the country
  • 6:18 – some of her other personal passions: learning new languages, travelling
  • 7:31 – a personal habit that contributes to her success
  • 8:29 – an educator to follow on Twitter: George Couros
  • 9:13 – an edtech tool to try using in the classroom: Pen Pal Schools
  • 9:47 – a book recommendation: Teach Like a Pirate, by Dave Burgess
  • 10:27 – what she’s watching on Netflix right now: Timeless

Song Track Credits

Intro: Relax (by Simon More)
Outtro: Starley – Call on Me Remix (by DJ Zhorik)

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