The 10,000 Push-Up Challenge

In this edition of the Roundtable, host Tim Cavey connects with seven of the 171 inspiring educators who have joined the Teachers on Fire 10,000 Push-Up Challenge in 2021. The Challenge isn’t just about bragging rights … it’s about helping educators build new habits that will permanently improve their fitness so they can be at their best and serve others at full capacity!

Questions That Guided Our Discussion

  • 1:37 – Who are you and what does your context in education look like?
  • 6:52 – What is your why for the push-up challenge? Where does your motivation come from
  • 14:06 – How is the challenge going so far for you? Update us.
  • 19:46 – What are your tips, tricks, or strategies for getting in your reps and keeping this going with consistency?
  • 28:04 – Let us know how we can connect with you and your work in 2021!

Connect with These Courageous Panelists

Over 172 educators are tracking their push-ups through 2021. Leave a message in the comments to join us!

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