The EDU Sisters: Women on a Mission to Change the World

In this edition of the Roundtable, host Tim Cavey connects with four female educators united by passion, values, and a commitment to make the world a better place through education. Guests included Abigail French, Hedreich Nichols, Bonnie Nieves, and Kellie Bahri.

Questions That Guided Our Discussion

  • 0:00 – Who are you and what is your current context in education?
  • 6:08 – Who are the EDU Sisters? How did you first connect, and what drew you to each other?
  • 14:22 – Our world faces tough challenges today. In your view, how can education contribute to solutions?
  • 28:44 – Just for fun: What is your best estimate for the percentage of educators in your building who are active on EDU Twitter?
  • 35:14 – What are some of your hopes for 2021?
  • 42:30 – How can we connect with you?

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