Assessment Practices: Building Sustainability, Equity, and Literacy (featuring ACBC)

Assessment Consortium of British Columbia

In this edition of the Roundtable, host Tim Cavey connects with five educators from the Assessment Consortium of BC. The purpose of ACBC is “To foster growth in assessment literacy for educators in British Columbia that will lead to sustainable and equitable practices, benefiting learners from K to post-secondary.” Whether you’re a British Columbian educator or not, if you’re interested in learning more about assessment practices in K-16, this conversation is for you.

Select any of the timestamps listed below to jump to specific portions of the discussion. ⬇️

Questions and Timestamps from This Conversation

  • 0:30 – Who are you and what is your current context in education?
    • 0:38 – Who is Shannon Schinkel?
    • 1:44 – Who is Nina Pak Lui?
    • 2:14 – Who is Phil Stringer?
    • 3:06 – Who is Josh Ogilvie?
    • 4:00 – Who is Katie Marren?
  • 5:07 – What is the Assessment Consortium of BC? How and why did ACBC start?
  • 7:53 – Why do you call it a consortium? What do you see as ACBC’s mission?
  • 12:18 – What is your personal assessment story? What sorts of experiences have shaped your thinking around assessment today?
  • 31:53 – Who are the voices who have inspired you and influenced your assessment journey?
  • 41:33 – What are your hopes for the launch and learn EdCamp event?
  • 44:46 – What is next for ACBC? What are some of your long-term GOALS?
  • 47:48 – How can we connect with you and join your learning journey?

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Assessment Authors and Speakers Recommended by the Panelists

  • Barbara Oakley
  • Benjamin Bloom
  • Brooke Moore
  • Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • Dustin Louie
  • Dylan Wiliam
  • Grant Wiggins
  • Henry Roediger III
  • Jan Chappuis
  • Jay McTighe
  • Jo Chrona
  • Jody Carrington
  • Judy Halbert
  • Katie White
  • Ken O’Connor
  • Leyton Schnellert
  • Linda Kaser
  • Mark A. McDaniel
  • Paige Fisher
  • Peter C. Brown
  • Peter Liljedahl
  • Rick Stiggins
  • Rick Wormeli
  • Shelley Moore
  • Starr Sackstein
  • Susan Brookhart
  • Thomas Guskey
  • Tom Schimmer

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