Teacher Wellness and Self-Care: How to Avoid Burnout and Rekindle Your Fire

Is self-care possible during a pandemic? Can we actually do better than aim for survival? In this edition of the Roundtable, Tim Cavey hosts a rich conversation around teacher wellness and self-care. Guests included Lindsay Titus, Dan Tricarico, and Dori Katsionis.

Questions That Guided Our Conversation

  • 14:50​ – What are some practical self-care strategies that you can share for that teacher who has zero margin and feels close to burnout?
  • 15:19​ – Dan Tricarico recommends the 5 Ss: Stillness, Silence, Space, Subtraction, and Slowing Down. These are always free and always available!
  • 17:04​ – Lindsay Titus talks about the mindset of self-care: it’s about defining what it looks like for YOU, your needs, and your identity. Lindsay points to the 4 As: Awareness (of self, environment), Acceptance (of where I’m at), Acknowledgment, and Action (move toward alignment).
  • 24:01​ – Dori Katsionis points toward the 3 Ms: Movement, Mindset, and Meditation. Getting outside is huge.
  • 29:26​ – Every yes requires a no. What are some things that pandemic educators can be saying NO to right now?
  • 42:30​ – Who are the voices and influences that inspire you in the areas of teacher wellness and self-care?
  • 51:39​ – What are the projects you are passionate about right now? How can we connect with you?

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2 thoughts on “Teacher Wellness and Self-Care: How to Avoid Burnout and Rekindle Your Fire

  1. I’d love to introduce you to Julie Wilson, founder of The Institute for the Future of Learning. She’s a trail blazer and would be a great addition to your podcast.


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