Andrea Ferrero: Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy

Andrea Ferrero of Pockets Change

Who is Andrea Ferrero, and what is Pockets Change?

ANDREA FERRERO brings over a decade of experience in teaching and learning, curriculum and program development, and community capacity building together to design award winning educational programs and digital products. She holds a teaching credential in PreK-12th grade multiple subjects and two Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction with Multicultural Contexts.

At Pockets Change, Andrea works with schools, organizations, and businesses to make finance fun through innovative educational approaches and meaningful ed-tech tools. She has served as a delegate to the World Innovation Summit in Qatar, the ASCD Supervision and Curriculum Development Delegation in China, the Multi-Age Learning Institute in New Zealand, and the Mozilla Open Leaders in England. Andrea is also a board member of the California Jump$tart Coalition.

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  • 3:12 – It’s story time! Please share with us about a LOW MOMENT or an experience of adversity that you’ve faced in your teaching or education career, and describe how you overcame it.
  • 5:41 – As I mentioned off the top, you are the co-founder and executive director of POCKETS CHANGE. What is the mission and vision of your organization? How do you seek to serve schools and learners?
  • 7:52 – I’d like to focus in especially on this whole area of FINANCIAL LITERACY. Why do you think this is such a critical concern for our students today? What do you see as some of the most serious gaps in our typical high school education?
  • 12:39 – Does Pockets Change offer any ENTREPRENEURSHIP workshops or practical opportunities for small business training?
  • 14:21 – Outside of education, what’s another area of LEARNING for you? What is it that ignites your passions outside of the classroom and brings you alive as a human being? Tell us why this area interests you and why you enjoy it.
  • 15:44 – Share about one app, personal habit, PRODUCTIVITY hack that contributes to your success.

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