Episode 13 – Adam Moler

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ADAM MOLER is a middle school history teacher at New Richmond Middle School in New Richmond, OH, USA.

In this conversation, Adam speaks openly about what it was like to address some authentic doubts he was having about his own practice. He credits a solid PLN on Twitter and some inspirational reading as the key resources he looked to for the exciting reinvigoration he has experienced in his teaching over the last year, with more ideas and higher goals planned for the year ahead. He also talks about one of his true passions outside of education and shares some great recommendations for books to read, Twitter accounts to follow, and more.

Follow Adam Moler on Twitter @Moler3031 and visit his blog at molersmusings.wordpress.com.

In this episode, Adam discusses …

  • 0:56 – his current teaching context
  • 2:03 – a challenge he experienced and learned from in his teaching practice
  • 3:59 – one of the reasons he is passionate about the state of education today
  • 5:09 – another passion and source of renewal outside of education
  • 6:18 – a personal habit that he lives by
  • 8:09 – a Twitter account to follow: @EdTechTiff
  • 9:25 – an edtech tool (Flipgrid) that he loves using with students (and some non-edtech tools as well)
  • 12:16 – two solid book recommendations: Teach Like a Pirate (by Dave Burgess) and Learn Like a Pirate (Paul Solarz)
  • 13:15 – podcast and YouTube recommendations: Essential Tennis (on YouTube and iTunes)
  • 14:19 – his classic Netflix taste: Friends

Song Track Credits

  • Intro: Relax (by Simon More)
  • Outtro: Starley – Call on Me Remix (by DJ Zhorik)

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