Educational Podcasters Look Back on 2020

Each month, I connect with other education podcasters in a mastermind group of sorts. We compare notes, talk about our work, share best practices, and wrestle with current challenges.

On the agenda for this month’s conversation: highlights and lessons learned from 2020. In terms of podcasting, what were the highs and lows? Where do we go from here?

Questions That Guided Our Discussion

  • 1:10 – Who are you and what is the name of your educational podcast?
  • 2:13 – What is one thing that you are celebrating about your podcast in 2020?
  • 15:24 – What did you learn about your podcast (or podcasting in general) in 2020?
  • 22:36 – What is one goal that you have for your podcast (or podcasts) in 2021?
  • 37:12 – What is the next piece of content that you plan to publish?
  • 45:51 – How can we connect with you? Where can we see and hear your content?

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