EDU Podcaster Summit: Barbara Bray, Lainie Rowell, and Dr. Wesley Fryer

In this edition of the EDU Podcaster Summit, Tim Cavey hosts a conversation with three educational podcasters to learn more about their podcast, including their format, mission, best practices, and next pieces of content. Guests included Dr. Wesley Fryer (from The EdTech Situation Room), Barbara Bray (from Rethinking Learning), and Lainie Rowell (from Lemonade Learning).

Questions That Guided Our Conversation

  • 0:47​ – Who is Lainie Rowell, what is her context in education, and what is the name of her podcast?
  • 2:01​ – Who is Dr. Wesley Fryer, what is his context in education, and what is the name of his podcast?
  • 3:03​ – Who is Barbara Bray, what is her context in education, and what is the name of her podcast?
  • 3:58​ – What kinds of content do you publish on your podcast? Do you focus on monologues, 1:1 interviews, or multi-guest conversations like this one?
  • 8:56​ – What is the theme or area of focus on your podcast?
  • 15:51​ – How does the podcast make you a better educator?
  • 24:51​ – On the practical or technical side, what is one piece of equipment or podcasting gear that you would like to add next to improve your content?
  • 28:02​ – How do the Headliner AutoVideos work?
  • 29:11​ – How do the handheld Zoom recorders work?
  • 37:01​ – What have you got cooking? Tell us about your next episode or piece of podcast content.
  • 45:50​ – How can we connect with Lainie Rowell and the Lemonade Learning podcast?
  • 46:33​ – How can we connect with Dr. Wesley Fryer and the EdTech Situation Room podcast?
  • 47:42​ – How can we connect with Barbara Bray and the Rethinking Learning podcast?

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  • 🔥 Lainie Rowell from Lemonade Learning @LainieRowell
  • 🔥 Dr. Wesley Fryer from the EdTech Situation Room @WFryer
  • 🔥 Barbara Bray from Rethinking Learning @BBray27

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